C-Series Indoor Coal Boiler

Boilers Made In The USA

C6130 NS Indoor Residential Boiler
130,000 BTU

C6130 NS Indoor Residential Coal Boiler

C6150 NS Indoor Residential Boiler
150,000 BTU

C6150 NS Indoor Residential Coal Boiler

C6200 NS Indoor Residential Boiler
200,000 BTU

C6200 NS Indoor Residential Coal Boiler

C6300 NS Indoor Commercial Boiler
300,000 BTU

C6300 NS Indoor Commercial Coal Boiler

C6490 NS Indoor Commercial Boiler
490,000 BTU

C6490 NS Indoor Commercial Coal Boiler


The C-Series indoor coal boiler came alive in the mid 1970’s when the Pennsylvania coal companies made coal readily available for all home owners across the nation. Our boilers can use anthracite coal, which is commonly found on the east coast along with bituminous coal, which is mined in the west. After years of collecting data, you will not be disappointed with Royall indoor coal boilers effectively heating your home or business.

The art of burning coal can be extremely rewarding for your family. Our coal boilers come standard with our famed shaker grate system, which carries our trademarked name on each rocker, along with our firebrick lined firebox to keep the heat in.